Useful Information for Families

CRISIS: Where Do I Start?

During a time of family crisis you need a place to begin gathering information. Often, in times such as this, you don’t even know what it is you need. Our crisis page contains some helpful links to local organizations that will help you get started in a time of crisis.


Helpful links to local organizations that will help you get started in a time of crisis.

Safety Concerns

Often times family members will visit for a holiday or special event and notice things have changed. Maybe the dishes are piling up or bills are stacked in the corner. Sometimes there are cleanliness issues or, simply, you’ve noticed that your loved one isn’t getting around the way they did the last time you visited.

Mobility Concerns

As we age, our reflexes slow and our ability to move around can become more difficult, or in some cases can put us at risk for falls. Beyond the physical aspect of mobility problems, there are also social and psychological issues. When a person suffers from mobility issues, they are unable to get around as they normally have in the past, this can cause social and psychological issues beyond the physical issues already in place.

Legal Concerns

When planning for yourself or a loved one, there are unique legal concerns to consider.

Health Concerns

If you’re noticing changes in your loved one’s health, large or small, it’s worth having a conversation with them and other family members. It’s also a good idea to have them checked over by a medical professional.  A medical professional is able to help you and your loved one determine which health changes are normal as we age and which are signs or symptoms of something more serious.

Financial Concerns

Nothing elevates the stress level more than trying to care for an aging loved one and then finding needed extra care is outside the budget. According to the AARP, money can be a very sensitive topic at the heart of most conversations with your loved ones regarding housing, health care, and other expenses.

Driving Concerns

If you notice driving issues with friends, neighbors or loved ones, the conversation is an important one for their safety and the safety of others. While a conversation with driving alternatives and advice is preferred, in Michigan, you are able to “turn in” the name of an older driver for a driving test if you feel their driving should be tested, but you are reluctant to have the conversation.

Concerns About Being Alone

Socialization is important for all humans and seniors are no exception. Interaction affects mood, health and even longevity. If you have a loved one who is experiencing barriers to leaving their home, there are options in the community.

Choosing An Assisted Living Community

Assisted living was founded on a resident-centered philosophy to enable choice, preserve dignity, encourage independence, and promote quality of life. Every day in assisted living communities, the staff lives and breathes this philosophy. It is reflected in the care and services they offer every day to each resident.

Glossary Of Terms

List of common terms used in the healthcare and elder care industry.