Physical Activity for Older Adults

Making sure you get enough exercise as you age is important to your health.


Physical activity is something that everyone needs to maintain. It can be particularly difficult the older we get. Physical activity can be modified to suit the abilities of participants. It is important to stay physically active to keep a healthy life style at any age.

If you have not been physically active and are starting a new routine it is important and recommended to check with your doctor before starting an active routine. This is just to be sure there aren’t any issues that can harm you or put your life in jeopardy.

When starting a physical activity start out slow and challenge yourself to reach a higher goal each time. For example if you are just starting to walk on a daily basis, count your steps as you go when you become tiered, stop and do the same the following day but add 10 to 15 more steps. In no time, you will be walking at a normal pace without running out of breath.

Walking may not be something you can do right now so try doing exercises while sitting in a chair. Lift your leg 5 times. Challenge yourself to reach 10 to 15 times by the seventh day of exercising. Add arm lifts to that routine and after a few days you can lift a can of soup to challenge your muscles.

The most important thing is to keep exercising to keep your life and bones in good health. The benefits from daily physical activity include; improving balance, reduce risk of a chronic condition, Improving or limiting issues with chronic diseases, strengthening your muscles, heart and lungs.

Michigan State University recommends following a physical activity routine three times a week. Remember to check with your physician first if exercising is not already part of your daily or weekly routine.