Diabetes – PATH (Personal Action Toward Health)

Diabetes-PATH is a FREE workshop for anyone struggling with diabetes. Participants learn basic information about diabetes, management of blood sugars, healthy eating, label reading and practice menu planning. It also addresses effects of stress and positive ways to deal with it, how to choose appropriate exercise for fitness and safety, proper skin and foot care and skills for communicating with health professionals. Participants develop action plans and participate in problem solving activities each week. Workshops are 2 ½ hours long and last 6 weeks, and are offered throughout the tri-county area.

Program Results: Studies show significant improvements in symptoms of hypoglycemia, healthy eating patterns and reading food labels, communicating with physicians, depression, patient activation and self-efficacy, as well as, fewer emergency room visits.  Additionally, participants maintained these improvements 12 months after the program.

For more information please contact Christine Histed at Tri-County Office on Aging at 517-887-1450, or email histedc@tcoa.org