Our story begins with some wonderful people...

We come from a large Italian-American family with several wonderful older relatives – they had a tremendous impact on us all. Pictured here is my grandma Rosie and my great aunts: Julia, Virginia and Mary. They, along with my great uncles Victor and Louie, helped our younger generation to understand the importance of hard work and family.

When my grandmother suddenly needed help after a hospitalization, none of us were prepared for the questions asked or decisions to be made. We had an idea of the direction, but no idea on how to find the resources we needed to get her the care she deserved on such short notice. From that experience, we decided to create a community resource — where people could research local help, resources, information and discussions on care – to assist other families going through similar situations.

Firststeptocare.com is a place to start to find the resources you need. It isn’t intended to provide you with a one-stop place for all information, rather, it was developed to serve as a place where you can find access to information and resources in the community – especially when you really don’t know where to begin. Furthermore, you’re able to rate this care and view ratings.

Some local “experts” provide timely information in their fields as a part of our blog and the AARP has provided their “Prepare to Care” guide – which provides you with a nice roadmap to caring for your elderly loved one. We hope you find this helpful as you care for your loved one(s).

Our family faced several issues in our time of need. We want to help you navigate the resources and possibly alleviate some of the stress that goes along with it.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback. And also, please take the time to rate the providers and visit the forum.



Kenneth and Kristine